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Metal Casting Foundrywork for the Amateur By Terry Aspin has been added to your Cart

Small ingots 1kg or less for the smaller crucibles

ZL12 is a 12% Aluminium – Zinc alloy which conforms to EN 1774 1998. It has been developed for use as a general purpose foundry alloy. Its unique properties enable it to be cast using any of the conventional gravity casting processes. ZL12 is a strong, sound alloy capable of casting thin sections and intricate details. The economical ZL12 has low initial and conversions costs. It can be cold chamber pressure die cast using a similar process to that used for making Aluminium pressure castings

The casting properties of ZL12 enable it to compete favourably with other cast metals such as Iron, Brass, Bronze and Aluminium Alloys. ZL12 has excellent machining characteristics, good corrosion resistance and requires only the minimum of surface preparation for easy electroplating or painting. The original specification for this alloy was developed by the International Lead Zinc Research Organisation Inc. New York USA. ZL12 was known as Kayem 12 and ZA12 in the past. ZL12 is the EN 1774 equivalent of these alloys.


  • Economical alloy cost with clean low-cost melting & low metal loss
  • Insensitive to different cooling rates allowing it to be cast by all gravity casting processes
  • Excellent castability giving pressure tightness, thin sections, intricate detail.
  • Low shrinkage & gas porosity, high sand reclamation.
  • Existing pattern equipment and gravity dies can be used.
  • Excellent machining properties.
  • Excellent buffing and polishing characteristics.
  • Easily electroplated, painted or lacquered.
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Excellent tensile strength and hardness at ambient temperatures
  • Non-sparking alloy suitable for hazardous environments
  • Good bearing and wear properties for lightly loaded applications

Data Sheet: Zinc_Alloy_ZL12.pdf