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Coveral 77 Aluminium Drossing flux 1Kg (Image shows 25kg Sack)

Product Description - COVERAL 77 powder flux is suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys with the exception of
AlMg alloys where even a slight sodium pick-up must be avoided. It can be used for medium
to high metal temperatures in sand and die foundries.

Benefits - COVERAL 77 produces dry ash-like dross that is easily separated from the liquid metal.
Skimming is thus facilitated and metal loss due to Aluminium entrapment in the dross is
COVERAL 77 has been specially developed to be environmentally friendly in both use and

Application - The best results in ladles or crucibles are obtained by using an FDU impeller, COVERAL 77 reacts easily resulting in a light and dry dross.
For all melting and holding furnaces or if no impeller treatment is taking place COVERAL 77 is spread over the melt surface after melting is complete. The flux must be stirred vigorously
with the dross on the melt surface using a preheated perforated ladle until a dry dross is
achieved. Once reaction is over the dross should be carefully removed using an appropriate
skimming tool.
Crucible care: Always carefully clean any residues from crucible walls before refilling to get the best lifetime out of crucibles.

Addition Rate - 0.2 - 0.5 % of the metal weight depending on application type and foundry conditions.

Technical Data - Powder flux, Suitable for all types of Aluminium alloys with the exception of AlMg alloys
Application temperature: 730 - 780 °C

Packaging - 25 Kg polyethylene lined multi-ply paper sacks or 1kg Heat sealed plastic bag

Storage & Shelf Life - Like all fluxes, COVERAL 77 should be stored in a dry place.
Close opened bags or storage bins securely after use.
This product has no expiry date if stored in accordance with the recommendations