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DESCRIPTION WE are currently shipping CERAMIC Hardner in its place
This needs to be painted on allowed to dry then fired to turn it into ceramic. Multiple coats can be applied

Ceramic hardeners , when applied to Blanket, Modules or Board, produces a hard surface finish with increased resistance to mechanical abrasion and to gas flow erosion.

Blanket, Modules and Board can be treated to produce depths of hardening varying from a thin eggshell surface to total penetration, the latter resulting in a rigidised material. During storage the Hardener temperature should not fall below +2°C. The product has a shelf life of approximately 12 months. Mix/shake well before use.

The amount needed varies with the type of application, and is dependent on variables such as Blanket density and the depth of treatment required.

Drying procedure is not critical but 12 hours at 90°C is fairly typical. The furnace must be fired to 750/800C to turn the solution to ceramic


Where enhanced resistance to erosion by high velocity gases is required, such as occur around burner block assemblies, Blanket Modules or Board can be hardened after installation.

If cracked in use patch repair as for new installation.

Surface hardening is also recommended for applications involving contact with molten non-ferrous metal, e.g. launder linings.