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Ecopure Cu 524 is a grey granular refining and covering flux for use with copper based alloys.

Ecopure Cu 524 produces a fluid slag to dissolve and remove dirt and other impurities in the process of recovering metal from swarf, drosses and other residues. Ecopure Cu 524 can be used with a range of non-ferrous alloys, including brass, gunmetal and tin bronzes. It is important to maintain a complete cover over the molten metal to prevent oxidation during melting.

Recommended Application
Crucible Melting: 1. Form a heel of molten metal in the base of the crucible. 2. Pre-mix sawings, swarf, etc. with 0.5-1% addition by weight of Ecopure Cu 524 depending on the cleanliness of the charge material. 3. Charge the metal/flux mixture and melt rapidly. As the mixture melts, add more metal and maintain a continuous flux cover until the crucible is fully charged. 4. Stir the flux thoroughly into the melt. Allow to stand for 2 - 3 minutes, scrape the top and sides of the crucible and remove the slag. If necessary, the slag layer can be thickened to assist its removal by the addition of H.A Slag Coagulant. 5. Where alloys require de-oxidation, this can be done using Cudox Tubes at the rate of one Cudox 42 per 50Kg of metal. Reverberatory Furnaces: This is carried out generally as described above, maintaining a continuous flux layer during melting. Heavy scrap, runners and risers are charged initially and any swarf, sawings, etc. are mixed with Ecopure Cu 524 before charging.

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