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We still have a 6 to eight week lead time for tongs and furnaces as they are made to order.

Our suppliers are struggling to get some items due to transport issues.

AX25 Himelt Crucible (Photo shows SalamanderSuper it needs updating) 

****** These are to order usually 7 to 10 days from receiving payment******

I can supply all sizes in the table plus larger ones if required contact me for prices of other shapes. They are non stock items so are non returnable.

EXCEL/HIMELT are high quality carbon-bonded silicon carbide crucibles manufactured using the latest rollerforming techniques and are designed to cater for a range of non-ferrous melting applications.

A new crucible should initially be heated slowly and evenly to 600ºC on low power, avoiding local impingement of flame. Subsequently the full heat input rate should be utilised to achieve a uniform bright red condition over the whole crucible (circa 900ºC / 1650ºF) at which point the crucible should be charged immediately taking care to avoid packing metal tightly or bridging ingots across the crucible. The furnace controls can then be set to achieve the desired metal operating temperature and heating should continue at the full rate until the metal has reached the desired temperature.