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CT4 Deoxidising (Degassing)Tubes for copper based alloys  (The main photograph shows 9 tubes the price is per tube)

Each Tube (Sufficient for 50 to100kg of  copper alloy)

Deoxidising Tubes are copper tubes containing a high grade deoxidant, pre-packed in measured amounts, for treating copper based alloys. Theycontain deoxidants in granular form which enable the deoxidant to be immediately dissolved by the melt. Although phosphor-copper cake is a satisfactory deoxidant, it is not the best or the cheapest way of adding phosphorus because some is volatilised and some lost within the dross while the cake slowly melts. It is also difficult to add in precise amounts, which is essential if gas-free metal is to be obtained. CT4 deoxiding tubes should not be used for treating high conductivity copper. Calcium Boride, or Lithium based deoxidants should be used for this application.

For smaller crucibles the tubes can be opened and the contents divided on a pro rata basis for plunging into the melt. I use copper plumbing end feed end caps which can be seen in the photo

Health and Safety  

Material Safety Data Sheet Available