**** Open As Usual! ****
We still have a 6 to eight week lead time for tongs and furnaces as they are made to order.

Our suppliers are struggling to get some items due to transport issues.

Replacement Bricks in LPG Furnace base only

(Photograph shows a new furnace)

The following restorative works will be undertaken to bring your furnace back up to standard:

  1. Removal  and disposal of all inner bricks including Quarl
  2. Replacement and recutting of 9 new bricks
  3. Inspection of backup insulation and repair replace as necessary
  4. Cleaning of stainless outer casing
  5. Gas jet cleaned
  6. Gas pipe blown through with high pressure hose
  7. Gas pressure leak test
  8. Flame failure device test
  9. Removal of slag and damaged brick from lid and furnace
  10. Picking out all cracks for ingress of alumina fire cement
  11. Re -cooncrete bottom
  12. Fill all cracks allow to dry
  13. Cover all working surfaces with alumina fire cement (If Required)
  14. Assembly and test fireing to temperature

If you have any questions give me a call or email whichever is easiest.

Tel Art : 0151 425 2376