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Nitral C 19 MG


A grey black coloured tablet or block.


Nitral C 19 MG  is used to degas most aluminium alloys with the exception of LM5 and LM10 (where the presence of sodium is detrimental).

Nitral C 19 MG is hexachloroethane free and is virtually fumeless in operation, thus avoiding the environmental problems associated with hexachloroethane based degassers.

Nitral C 19 MG is ideally suited for use in confined spaces and places where the fume extraction is poor.

Ecogas 16 offers a faster degassing action together with a minimum of turbulence, making it suitable for treatment in transfer ladles normally used in diecasting applications.

Amount to Use

 50g - 100g per   25Kg of metal.

Recommended Application

1. Pre-heat a suitably coated bell plunger to prevent iron pick-up.

2. Turn off heat when the melt reaches the required temperature.

3. When the temperature begins to fall, and is below 760°C, plunge the required amount of tablet with the bell plunger to the bottom of the crucible. Hold there until the reaction ceases. The degassing action is more effective if carried out in two stages.

4. Remove the plunger from the melt.

5. Apply a suitable Flux to the melt surface if required and allow to stand for about 2 minutes. Rabble the flux layer into the melt to obtain a glowing dross, substantially free of metal. Skim off, check the temperature, and pour.

Health and Safety - See Material Safety Data Sheet, copies of which are available on request from the manufacturer. 

Technical MSDS data sheet provided
Productl data sheet provided