20Kg gross weight inclusive of packaging (This sand is a natural quarried sand and prior to use needs the moisture content adjusting to suit, as well as sieving, any lumps being crushed through the sieve with a moulders trowel)

Using Bromsgrove Greensand
Green sand is not green in color, but "green" in the sense that it is used in a wet state (akin to green wood). Bromsgrove sand has all the natural qualities required of a high quality moulding sand.Through use the condition of the sand will improve and will eventually blacken. After considerable long term use a new bag should be mixed in to recondition the sand and replace any burnt out clay deposits.

The sand must not be too wet or it becomes sticky, nor should it be too dry as it will not form correctly and crumble. Remember to do the hand squeeze test, it should easily mould to shape and not stick to your hand but cleanly break when snapped without crumbling.

If working with cast iron you can add 3 to 5% of coal dust which will help gases escape and produces a smoother casting.

Follow appropriate health and safety procedures.

For large purchases please contact for for pallet delivery charge

Please note bag weights from the supplier vary from 20 to 25kg but are never under 20kg