This is a stamped and forged ladle out of one piece hence the price differential.

They are a non stock item but can be ordered in

Heavy Duty Steel Ladle 7.5mm Diameter (3 inches)

Handle length 40cm    Total length 47.5cm  The ladle has a pouring lip and is made from one piece of forged 6mm steel plate with round handle.

In a foundry a ladle is a container used to transport and pour out molten metals. It needs to be:

  • Strong enough to contain a heavy load of metal.
  • Heat-resistant
  • Heat-insulated as much as can be managed, to avoid losing heat and overheating its surroundings.

For foundries making small castings, a hand-held ladle somewhat resembling a kitchen ladle with a long handle to keep the heat of the metal away from the person holding it. Better quality ladles have a pouring lip to aid accurate pouring.