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20Kg (gross weight inclusive of packaging)
Box Size: 20 x 20 x 20cm
Volume =12,000cm cubes (125 boxes per metre cubed)

Standard Mouldable Refractory 1600C. (This  is ready to use and suitable for temperatures up to 1600C)

Cut into usable size chunks and hand or pneumatically ram into place using formers. (Do not let edges dry out dampen slightly if necessary and ensure there are no air pockets)

Once in place it must  be left to cure and lose moisture naturally for  at least one week.

Heat is then applied gently to drive off any remaining moisture prior to  firing to 700/800C. Rushing this process can cause cracking or crazing to the refractory.

This can be used for large patch repair if there is enough depth and sufficient key. Hoover off any loose dust and debris then wet the egdes of the old refractory  several times to prevent it sucking the moisture from the new refractory. Ram up and follow instructions above.