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Mikrocollid 400 (1kg Tin)
This is a special coating for casting tools with good mechanical properties, i. e. it protects the casting tools for a long time from metal pick up or stick.
It prevents adhering of oxide films and is suitable for all kinds of material.
Notes on Technology
As a general rule casting tools are exposed to high thermal and mechanical burdens and have to maintain their insulating and separating function.
First and foremost the metal should roll off the casting tools very well and should not
leave any metal films. The requirements for casting tools which get into contact with
fluxes are particularly high as the fluxes reduce the surface tension whereby metal can
adhere to the tool. This leads to a faster wear out of the casting tools.
Application Range
Mikrocollid 400 is suitable for ladles and other casting equipment materials. It adheres well on steel, gray cast iron and crucible materials
Addition Rate
Mikrocollid 400 can be applied undiluted. For easier application by dipping it can be
diluted with water. For spraying a larger quantity of water is necessary.
Product Application
After the application of Mikrocollid 400 onto the tool a thorough drying is essential
This can be by the air drying or over the the furnace.
It is importance to take care that the drying and heating does not occur
abruptly and the temperature should be approximately 300°C.  During  heating the tool coating changes its colour. After the cooling down it it returns to its original colour.

See MSDS technical  sheets prior to use.