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SRS CLASSIC™ Investment Powder 22.5Kg 

Investment powder for 18K and 22K gold CLASSIC is the result of years of Research and Development by SRS and represents the finest quality investment powder currently available. CLASSIC uses the highest quality specially graded raw materials all checked against specification by the SRS QC laboratory. It is ideal for casting in 18K and 22K gold.

CLASSIC offers the following benefits to the jewellery caster:

  • High purity raw materials graded especially for jewellery lost wax casting
  • Increased refractoriness gives better thermal shock resistance during burnout and casting
  • More user friendly able to perform in a wider set of parameters
  • Suitable for all metals especially 18K gold or fine filigree work
  • Smoother surface finish - less polishing required
  • Includes all wetting and debubbling agents - no need to add before mixing
  • Smooth creamy consistency during mixing and pouring
  • CLASSIC is easy to break our after casting For full instruction on how to use please refer to the mixing and burnout instructions enclosed

SRS Glass Investment Powder: Data Sheet
MSDS Data Sheet