High Pressure LPG Furnace Maximum Temperature 1100C
(Crucible shown in photograph is not included this needs to be purchased separately)


Why bother making your own or with a secondhand furnace, when you can have a NEW one guaranteed for 12months fully operational once removed from the box. All you need to provide is a LPG gas bottle.

This unit does not require an electric power source or pumped air supply


Please note:
All furnaces are test fired for 15 Minutes after completion which leaves a slight soot stain on the inner walls and lid. The burner will also show slight bluing to its tip were it has heated up.


Furnace Specification:


All in stainless steel

Base 500 x 280 x 30mm

Furnace Casing 280 x 280 x 280mm

Lid 230 x 230 x 35mm

Lid with handle 270 x 230 x 35mm

Screws Dome head 4 and 6mm socket heads allen keys 2.5 and 4mm


Primary lining Super insulated brick

Secondary lining Superwool board

Internal furnace sizes:

Furnace Housing 150mm diam x 225mm high

Quarl diameter 45mm

Vent diameter 45mm

Crucible size

Suitable for all Salamander Super A shape crucibles up to A5 which is:

Top Outside diameter 124mm

Height 152mm

Bottom outside diameter 86mm

Brass capacity 6.8kg

Volume 0.9 litres (The crucible is not included with the furnace but a crucible pot stand is.)


High Pressure 1250 0.35 to 2 bar (5 to 30psi)


Flame failure device

Needle valve

Hose 3m

HP regulator 0.35 to 2 bar


Gross weight when assembled with all components 21.7Kg

Melting times for Metals

Based on an A5 crucible 75% full. Times in minutes. Running at 2 Bar

Aluminium Zinc Alloy 20/25

Aluminium 30/35

Brass 55/60

Bronze 65/75

Copper 85/90

Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Printed manual supplied as well as PDF copy online.

Currently there is a 6 to 8 week week waiting list from placing your order until its dispatch due to demand.

If you have any questions give me a call or email whichever is easiest.

Tel Art : 0151 425 2376