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This course is for participants who wish to manufacture/assemble their own non ferrous melting furnace using the most modern insulated materials, without the need for:

  • Sourcing plans
  • Researching efficiency
  • Sourcing components and materials
  • Sourcing specialist tools

‚ÄčThe furnace is easily serviceable and all parts are replaceable.

Session 1      9.00am to 12.30pm
Lunch              12.30 to 1.30
Session 2      1.30pm to 4.00pm (approx)

Course Content (For Sessions 1 & 2)
The course enables students to use demonstrated techniques to manufacture their own furnace to take home at the end of the day.
They will leave with a full understanding of how to operate, maintain and use the furnace.
If time permits a test firing of the furnace will take place with temperature probes.

  • Familiarisation with Plans and components
  • Materials data sheets
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Cast insulated lid with vent and allow to set
  • Mount lid in stainless steel frame
  • Attach lid handle
  • Cutting Superwool insulation boards
  • Cutting Fire bricks
  • Assemble furnace body with insulation and bricks
  • Bore quarl hole and apply mastic fillet
  • Attach furnace to base
  • Attach burner mount
  • Assemble burner, flame failure device and thermocouple, needle valve and gate valve
  • Attach blow torch or Burner assembly to burner mount
  • Attach LPG supply at 2bar
  • Follow lighting procedure (If time permits we will have a trial melt and cast a small plaque)

Handouts covering course content will be provided and students will also be able to purchase moulding items from our foundry store. If you require any products please let us know in advance so that we can ensure that they in stock and are ready for collection.

Tea /Coffee and a light lunch will be provided. (Please notify us of any special dietary requirements)

Clothing / Footwear
You will need to be appropriately dressed for a workshop environment. Natural fabric is best.
You should wear tough leather shoes or boots preferably with steel toe caps.
Feel free to bring note book, pencil, camera if you wish to document the day’s activities. A memory stick is useful to make copies of some larger documents.

Please note 10% discount does not apply to this course or the individual purchase of a furnace.