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We still have a 6 to eight week lead time for tongs and furnaces as they are made to order.

Our suppliers are struggling to get some items due to transport issues.

High Pressure LPG Furnace Maximum Temperature 1100C
(Crucible shown in photograph is not included this needs to be purchased separately)


Why bother making your own or with a secondhand furnace, when you can have a NEW one guaranteed for 12months fully operational once removed from the box. All you need to provide is a LPG gas bottle.

This unit does not require an electric power source or pumped air supply


Please note:
All furnaces are test fired for 15 Minutes after completion which leaves a slight soot stain on the inner walls and lid. The burner will also show slight bluing to its tip were it has heated up.


Furnace Specification:


All in stainless steel

Base 500 x 280 x 30mm

Furnace Casing 280 x 280 x 280mm

Lid 230 x 230 x 35mm

Lid with handle 270 x 230 x 35mm

Screws Dome head 4 and 6mm socket heads allen keys 2.5 and 4mm


Primary lining Super insulated brick

Secondary lining Superwool board

Internal furnace sizes:

Furnace Housing 150mm diam x 225mm high

Quarl diameter 45mm

Vent diameter 45mm

Crucible size

Suitable for all Salamander Super A shape crucibles up to A5 which is:

Top Outside diameter 124mm

Height 152mm

Bottom outside diameter 86mm

Brass capacity 6.8kg

Volume 0.9 litres (The crucible is not included with the furnace but a crucible pot stand is.)


High Pressure 1250 0.35 to 2 bar (5 to 30psi)


Flame failure device

Needle valve

Hose 3m

HP regulator 0.35 to 2 bar


Gross weight when assembled with all components 21.7Kg

Melting times for Metals

Based on an A5 crucible 75% full. Times in minutes. Running at 2 Bar

Aluminium Zinc Alloy 20/25

Aluminium 30/35

Brass 55/60

Bronze 65/75

Copper 85/90

Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Printed manual supplied as well as PDF copy online.

Currently there is a 6 to 8 week week waiting list from placing your order until its dispatch due to demand.

If you have any questions give me a call or email whichever is easiest.

Tel Art : 0151 425 2376