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AcuZinc 5 is a special die-casting alloy, developed by General Motors to satisfy the demands of specific automotive applications. Subsequent tests demonstrated that this alloy had a much broader application range than originally anticipated and GM granted licences to selected Zinc alloy producers to allow them to manufacture this alloy. The Brock Metal Company Limited is a licensed manufacturer of the ACuZinc alloy range. As such Brock are able to advise on the use of the alloy and its special properties. This alloy is not covered by the current EN specification but is covered by ASTM and other US standards.


The ACuZincTM 5 alloy was developed to extend the operating range of the traditional hot chamber Zinc die-casting alloys and to rival the performance of the cold chamber alloys while retaining the cost effective manufacturing benefits of the hot chamber die-casting process. A prime target for use of this alloy was the replacement of sintered metal parts on a performance basis with a more cost effective zinc alloy based solutions.

The high Copper content present in this alloy increases the general strength of the material, while improving both hardness and rigidity. This performance increase is apparent at higher operating/service temperatures and where increased wear and impingement resistance is a necessity. There is a marked cost penalty associated with the use of this alloy and therefore use of ACuZinc should be confined to applications where the increased properties are essential and can be justified on a commercial basis.

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