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DIRECTION FOR USE For dental use only
1. Transfer the impression material from the bag to the container.
2. Invert the container 2 or 3 times to loosen any compacted material before using.
3. For best results mix with water at 23°C. Colder water retards setting, warmer water
accelerates setting.
4. Have patient rinse mouth out with warm water.
5. Lightly dip the scoop into the powder, tap gently and remove any excess with spatula
6. For normal impressions, two scoopfuls (16.1 g) are sufficient.
7. Add one measure of water (39ml) and spatulate thoroughly until a creamy smooth mix is
8. Load the impression tray in a single operation where possible.
9. Position the tray in the mouth, muscle trim and hold steady until set.
10. Remove the impression from the mouth carefully and rinse it with cold water.
11. Where possible, alginate impressions should be cast immediately.
12. Alginate impressions should be stored and shipped only in a moist atmosphere of 100%
relative humidity (i.e. in a polythene bag along with a damp tissue) and cast within 48 hrs
of taking the impression.
13. Do not store the set impression in water.
14. After each use, firmly close the lid of container.
15. Store in a dry place at room temperature (23 ± 2°C / 76 ± 6°F)