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We still have a 6 to eight week lead time for tongs and furnaces as they are made to order.

Our suppliers are struggling to get some items due to transport issues.

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Please note we are now selling a new cone mould with a separate tube stand and bottom grip turn lug for lifting with tongs, (Photos coming soon.)

The advantage of bronze is they don't rust but still need to have mould release applied  (deltacast, microcollid or mould coat)

Unlike some ingot moulds these have been designed with a good taper and smooth inside walls to allow easy release of ingots.

The edge lip or legs can be used as a handle for tipping out using tongs. Prior to use the ingot mould can be coated with delta cast mould release or mould blacking

For making ingots after melting down scrap or when too much metal has been smelted.

Ingot moulds should be pre-heated to 50C to drive off moisture prior to pouring molten metal into them.