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This course is an introduction to greensand casting using aluminium

Participants will make their own pattern and casting of a house sign, with motif, to take home.

The course will cover demonstrations of the following:

Greensand preparation and properties

·         Tools and equipment

·         Furnace manufacture, use and associated tools

·         Properties of molten metals

·         Safety equipment and safe working practices

·         Pattern making (flat backed)

·         Ramming up the pattern in the flask cutting runner, riser and gates

·         Lighting and charging the furnace, fluxing and degassing

·         Procedures for pouring molten metal

          Knocking out the Flask

·         Dressing the completed casting.

This course is suitable for those new to casting.

Handouts covering course content will be provided and students will also be able to purchase moulding items from our foundry store. Please check in advance or pre order to avoid disapointment.

More advanced courses can be offered with split patterns involving cores and oil based and silica sands as well as introducing powder coating surface finishing.

Casting in yellow brass, bronze and lead is also possible

We can tailor courses to suit your requirements. Call Art on 0151 425 2376  to discuss your needs.

The courses are operational all year round